Silent Aim


-FOV Radius

-Part to shoot


-My Team ESP

-Other Teams ESP

-All Player ESP



-Infinite Jump


-Fly Speed

Gun Mods

-No Spread

-Infinite Ammo

-No Recoil

-Always Auto

Misc Tab

-Auto-Backstab Toggle

-Auto-Kill Toggle

-Hit Box Extender Toggle

-Invisible Hitboxes

-Wall Bang

-Copy Discord Invite Link

Aimbot Tab

-On/Off Toggle

-Show FOV Circle Toggle

-FOV Slider

-Team Check Toggle

-Wall Check Toggle

-Trigger Bot Toggle (Auto-Shoots when on target)

-Trigger Delay Slider (Delays between trigger bot clicks)

-Hit-Scan Toggle

-Sensitivity Slider (Higher it is, the slower it is to lock)

-Always On Toggle

-Ignore Transparency Toggle

-Auto-Stop Toggle (Stop moving on lock)

-CPS Slider (Amount of clicks trigger bot clicks, 0 is infinite)

-Burst Clicks Slider (Amount of clicks in burst mode, 0 is off)