console – Loads old Roblox console

aimbot – Opens up Impulse Hub’s Aimbot

explorer / dex – Opens DEX explorer

frosthook / fh – Execute frosthook, a remote event logger

serverinfo / info – Gives you info about the server

jobid – Copies the games JobId to your clipboard

notifyjobid – Notifies you the games JobId

rejoin / rj – Makes you rejoin the game

serverhop [maxplayers] [minplayers] [maxqueries] – Teleports you to a different server

joinplayer [username / ID] [place ID] – Joins a specific players server

gameteleport / gametp [place ID] – Joins a game by ID

antiidle / antiafk – Prevents the game from kicking you for being idle/afk

datalimit [num] – Set outgoing KBPS limit

nopurchaseprompts / noprompts – Prevents the game from showing you purchase prompts

showpurchaseprompts / showprompts – Allows the game to show purchase prompts again

enable [inventory/playerlist/chat/all] – Toggles visibility of coregui items

disable [inventory/playerlist/chat/all] – Toggles visibility of coregui items

showguis – Shows any invisible GUIs

unshowguis – Undoes showguis

hideguis – Hides any GUIs in PlayerGui

unhideguis – Undoes hideguis

savegame / saveplace – Uses saveinstance to save the game

clearerror – Clears the annoying box and blur when a game kicks you

clientantikick / antikick (CLIENT) – Prevents localscripts from kicking you

volume / vol [0-10] – Adjusts your game volume on a scale of 0 to 10

notify [text] – Sends you a notification with the provided text

fps / showfps – Shows your fps in rbg letters at the top left of your screen

exit – Kills roblox process

noclip – Go through objects

unnoclip / clip – Disables noclip

fly – Makes you fly

unfly – Disables fly

flyspeed [num] – Set fly speed (default is 20)

vehiclefly / vfly – Makes you fly in a vehicle

unvehiclefly / unvfly – Disables vehicle fly

vehicleflyspeed / vflyspeed [num] – Set vehicle fly speed

float / platform – Spawns a platform beneath you causing you to float

unfloat / noplatform – Removes the platform

swim – Allows you to swim in the air

unswim / noswim – Stops you from swimming everywhere

setwaypoint / swp [name] – Sets a waypoint at your position

waypointpos / wpp [name] [X Y Z] – Sets a waypoint with specified coordinates

waypoint / wp [name] – Teleports player to a waypoint

deletewaypoint / dwp [name] – Deletes a waypoint

clearwaypoints / cwp – Clears all waypoints

goto [plr] – Go to a player

tweengoto / tgoto [plr] – Tween to a player (bypasses some anti cheats)

vehiclegoto / vgoto [plr] – Go to a player while in a vehicle

loopgoto [plr] [distance] [delay] – Loop teleport to a player

unloopgoto [plr] – Stops teleporting you to a player

clientbring / cbring [plr] (CLIENT) – Bring a player

loopbring [plr] [distance] [delay] (CLIENT) – Loop brings a player to you (useful for killing)

unloopbring [plr] – Undoes loopbring

freeze / fr [plr] (CLIENT) – Freezes a player

thaw / unfr [plr] (CLIENT) – Unfreezes a player

tpposition / tppos [X Y Z] – Teleports you to certain coordinates

tweentpposition / ttppos [X Y Z] – Tween to coordinates (bypasses some anti cheats)

offset [X Y Z] – Offsets you by certain coordinates

tweenoffset / toffset [X Y Z] – Tween offset (bypasses some anti cheats)

notifyposition / notifypos [plr] – Notifies you the coordinates of a character

copyposition / copypos [plr] – Copies the coordinates of a character to your clipboard

spawnpoint / spawn – Sets a position where you will spawn

nospawnpoint / nospawn – Removes your custom spawn point

flashback / diedtp – Teleports you to where you last died

walltp – Teleports you above/over any wall you run into

nowalltp / unwalltp – Disables walltp

chatlogs / logs – Log what people say or whisper

chat / say [text] – Makes you chat a string (possible mute bypass)

spam [text] – Makes you spam the chat

unspam – Turns off spam

pmspam [plr] [text] – Makes you spam a players whispers

unpmspam [plr] – Turns off pm spam

spamspeed [num] – How quickly you spam (default is 1)

bubblechat (CLIENT) – Enables bubble chat for your client

unbubblechat / nobubblechat – Disables the bubblechat command

safechat – Enables safe chat

nosafechat / disablesafechat – Disables safechat

esp – View all players and their status

noesp / unesp – Removes esp

partesp [part name] – Highlights a part

unpartesp / nopartesp [part name] – removes partesp

chams – ESP but without text in the way

nochams / unchams – Removes chams

locate [plr] – View a single player and their status

unlocate / nolocate [plr] – Removes locate

xray – Makes all parts in workspace transparent

unxray / noxray – Restores transparency

spectate / view [plr] – View a player

unspectate / unview – Stops viewing player

freecam / fc – Allows you to freely move camera around the game

unfreecam / unfc – Disables freecam

freecamspeed / fcspeed [num] – Adjusts freecam speed (default is 1)

gotocamera / gotocam – Teleports you to the location of your camera

firstp – Forces camera to go into first person

thirdp – Allows camera to go into third person

noclipcam / nccam – Allows camera to go through objects like walls

maxzoom [num] – Maximum camera zoom

fov [num] – Adjusts field of view (default is 70)

fixcam / restorecam – Fixes camera

enableshiftlock / enablesl – Enables the shift lock option

lookat [plr] – Moves your camera view to a player

btools (CLIENT) – Gives you building tools (DOES NOT REPLICATE)

f3x (CLIENT) – Gives you F3X building tools (DOES NOT REPLICATE)

delete [instance name] (CLIENT) – Removes any part with a certain name from the workspace (DOES NOT REPLICATE)

deleteclass / dc [class name] (CLIENT) – Removes any part with a certain classname from the workspace (DOES NOT REPLICATE)

lockworkspace / lockws – Locks the whole workspace

unlockworkspace / unlockws – Unlocks the whole workspace

invisibleparts / invisparts (CLIENT) – Shows invisible parts

uninvisibleparts / uninvisparts (CLIENT) – Makes parts affected by invisparts return to normal

deleteinvisparts / dip (CLIENT) – Deletes invisible parts

gotopart [part name] – Moves your character to a part or multiple parts

tweengotopart / tgotopart [part name] – Tweens your character to a part or multiple parts

gotopartclass / gpc [class name] – Moves your character to a part or multiple parts based on classname

tweengotopartclass / tgpc [class name] – Tweens your character to a part or multiple parts based on classname

gotopartdelay [num] – Adjusts how quickly you teleport to each part (default is 0.1)

bringpart [part name] (CLIENT) – Moves a part or multiple parts to your character

bringpartclass / bpc [class name] (CLIENT) – Moves a part or multiple parts to your character based on classname

noclickdetectorlimits / nocdlimits – Sets all click detectors MaxActivationDistance to math.huge

fireclickdetectors / firecd – Uses all click detectors in a game

simulationradius / simradius – Sets your SimulationRadius to math.huge

tpunanchored / tpua [plr] – Teleports unanchored parts to a player

freezeunanchored / freezeua – Freezes unanchored parts

thawunanchored / thawua / unfreezeua – Thaws unanchored parts

fullbright / fb (CLIENT) – Makes the map brighter / more visible

ambient [num] [num] [num] (CLIENT) – Changes ambient

day (CLIENT) – Changes the time to day for the client

night (CLIENT) – Changes the time to night for the client

nofog (CLIENT) – Removes fog

brightness [num] (CLIENT) – Changes the brightness lighting property

globalshadows / gshadows (CLIENT) – Enables global shadows

noglobalshadows / nogshadows (CLIENT) – Disables global shadows

restorelighting / rlighting – Restores Lighting properties

light [radius] (CLIENT) – Gives your player dynamic light

nolight / unlight – Removes dynamic light from your player

age [plr] – Tells you the age of a player

chatage [plr] – Chats the age of a player

joindate / jd [plr] – Tells you the date the player joined Roblox

chatjoindate / cjd [plr] – Chats the date the player joined Roblox

os [plr] – Shows a players platform

chatos [plr] – Chats a players platform

setos [text] – Sets your os to whatever you input

region [plr] – Tells you the region of a player

chatregion [plr] – Chats the region of a player

setregion [text] – Sets your region to whatever you input

copyname / copyuser [plr] – Copies a players full username to your clipboard

copyid [plr] – Copies a players user ID to your clipboard

copyappearanceid [plr] – Copies a players appearance ID to your clipboard

bang [plr] [speed] – owo

unbang [plr] – uwu

headsit [plr] – Sit on a players head

walkto / follow [plr] – Follow a player

unwalkto / unfollow – Stops following a player

kill [plr] (TOOL) – Kills a player (YOU NEED A TOOL)

bring [plr] (TOOL) – Brings a player (YOU NEED A TOOL)

fastkill [plr] (TOOL) – Kills a player (less reliable) (YOU NEED A TOOL)

fastbring [plr] (TOOL) – Brings a player (less reliable) (YOU NEED A TOOL)

fling – Flings anyone you touch

unfling – Disables the fling command

loopoof – Loops everyones character sounds (everyone can hear)

unloopoof – Stops the oof chaos

muteboombox [plr] – Mutes someones boombox

unmuteboombox [plr] – Unmutes someones boombox

unloopoof – Stops the oof chaos

hitbox [plr] [size] – Expands the hitbox for players heads (default is 1)

reset – Resets your character normally

respawn – Respawns you

refresh / re – Respawns and brings you back to the same position

invisible / invis – Makes you invisible to other players

visible / vis – Makes you visible to other players

speed / ws [num] – Change your walkspeed

speedb / wsb [num]’, DESC = “Change your walkspeed and bypasses some anti-exploits”}

hipheight / hheight [num] – Adjusts hip height

jumppower / jpower [num] – Change a players jump height

gravity / grav [num] (CLIENT) – Change your gravity

sit – Makes your character sit

sitwalk – Makes your character sit while still being able to walk

nosit – Prevents your character from sitting

unnosit – disables nosit

jump – Makes your character jump

infinitejump / infjump – Allows you to jump before hitting the ground

uninfinitejump / uninfjump – Disables infjump

platformstand / stun – Enables PlatformStand

unplatformstand / unstun – Disables PlatformStand

team [team name] (CLIENT) – Changes your team. Sometimes fools localscripts.

nobillboardgui / nobgui / noname – Removes billboard and surface guis from your players (i.e. name guis at cafes)

noarms – Removes your arms

nolegs – Removes your legs

nolimbs – Removes your limbs

naked – Removes your clothing

noface / removeface – Removes your face

blockhead – Turns your head into a block

blockhats – Turns your hats into blocks

blocktool – Turns the currently selected tool into a block

creeper – Makes you look like a creeper

drophats – Drops your hats

nohats / deletehats / rhats – Deletes your hats

chardelete / cd [instance name] – Removes any part with a certain name from your character

chardeleteclass / cdc [class name] – Removes any part with a certain classname from your character

deletevelocity / dv / removeforces – Removes any velocity / force instances in your character

weaken [num] – Makes your character less dense

unweaken – Sets your characters CustomPhysicalProperties to default

strengthen [num] – Makes your character more dense (CustomPhysicalProperties)

unstrengthen – Sets your characters CustomPhysicalProperties to default

breakvelocity – Sets your characters velocity to 0

spin [speed] – Spins your character

unspin – Disables spin

hatspin / spinhats – Spins your characters accessories

unhatspin / unspinhats – Undoes spinhats

vr – Loads CLOVR by Abacaxl

split – Splits your character in half

nilchar – Sets your characters parent to nil

unnilchar / nonilchar – Sets your characters parent to workspace

bighead / bh – Expands everyone’s hitbox by expanding their head”

animation / anim [ID] [speed] – Makes your character perform an animation (must be by roblox to replicate)

dance – Makes you d a n c e

undance – Stops dance animations

spasm – Makes you c r a z y

unspasm – Stops spasm

headthrow – Simply makes you throw your head

noanim – Stops your animations

reanim – Restores your animations

animspeed [num] – Changes the speed of your current animation

autoclick [click delay] [release delay] – Automatically clicks your mouse with a set delay

unautoclick / noautoclick – Turns off autoclick

autokeypress [key] [down delay] [up delay] – Automatically presses a key with a set delay

unautokeypress – Stops autokeypress

hovername – Shows a players username when your mouse is hovered over them

unhovername / nohovername – Turns off hovername

mousesensitivity / ms [0-10] – Sets your mouse sensitivity (affects first person and right click drag) (default is 1)

clickdelete – Go to settings>Keybinds>Add for clicktp

clickteleport – Go to settings>Keybinds>Add for click tp

tools – Copies tools from ReplicatedStorage and Lighting

notools / removetools / deletetools – Removes tools from character and backpack

deleteselectedtool / dst – Removes any currently selected tools

grabtools – Automatically get tools that are dropped

ungrabtools / nograbtools – Disables grabtools

copytools [plr] (CLIENT) – Copies a players tools

dupetools / clonetools – Duplicates your inventory tools

droptools – Drops your tools

droppabletools – Makes your tools droppable

equiptools – Equips every tool in your inventory at once

reach [num] – Increases the hitbox of your held tool

unreach / noreach – Turns off reach

grippos [X Y Z] – Changes your current tools grip position

addalias [cmd] [alias] – Adds an alias to a command

removealias [alias] – Removes a custom alias

clraliases – Removes all custom aliases

addplugin / plugin [name] – Add a plugin via command

removeplugin / deleteplugin [name] – Remove a plugin via command

reloadplugin [name] – Reloads a plugin

breakloops / break (cmd loops) – Stops any cmd loops (;100^1^cmd)

removecmd / deletecmd – Removes a command until the admin is reloaded